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Cancun features one of the richest eco systems and natural landscapes that guarantee activities for a higher level of relaxation; also those activities that make visitors experience exciting sensations and ultimately leave unforgettable memories of their warm visit.


For both professional and amateur golf enthusiasts, there are different courses with excellent designs and comfortable facilities, some of them are located nearby the beach and others are surprisingly settled in the middle of the jungle.

  • Golf Club Pok-Ta-Pok:
    This is one of the first courses within the hotel zone in Cancun, located on Kukulkan Blvd. over the 7.5 km marker. It features 18 holes, par 72.
  • Melia Golf Club:
    This is an 18 hole course, par 54; located on Kukulkan Blvd. 16.5 within the Hotel Zone


Cancun is a privileged destination, its Caribbean turquoise, crystal clear water grants it a unique marine richness for scuba diving in the deep water or for swimming over the surface with a snorkel. Among its main attractions, there is the second largest reef in the world located on Tres Rios Ecopark, which features over 100 species that can be found at sight. It is important not to damage reefs, because their restoration process may literally take centuries.

Under water you may appreciate hundreds of colorful fish, sponges, crustaceans, anemones, mollusks and amazing corals of different type of reefs. You may perform a whole bunch of activities all over its waters, in a way that the crystal clear waters bound a healthy co-existence between the human being and aquatic species.

Visitors can perform this wonderful activity in the following sites: Convoy Isle, Holbox Isle, Puerto Morelos, Nizuc Park and the El Garrafon at Akumal.


Usually, at about 10 in the morning is the time when boat crafts shift into the ocean from the marinas and pretty much all the hotels where these kinds of services are offered. It is common to watch enthusiasts returning during the afternoon with satisfaction expressions in their face after catching species out of the wide variety of Cancun typical fish. It is a tradition catching different species from February to April such as king fish, barracuda, shark, grouper and blue marlin. From September to February you can find barracuda, grouper, yellow tail fish and Coronado. From April to August: blue marlin, sail fish, tuna and dorado; likewise, different fishing tournaments are held with different prizes and high number of entries. The best and most recommendable places to practice fishing include Cozumel, Akumal, Mujeres Island, Holbox Isle and Morelos Port.


A must-do activity in Cancun is to visit the Mayan Ruins, the Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba sites among others which welcome over a million visitors annually, discover among the jungle the astonishing unique remains of one of the most ancient, most advanced civilizations in the American Continent.