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Cancun, Quintana Roo, is the Mexican Caribbean paradise, the geographic location of this international harbor makes it a magic place framed by the white sand of its beaches, rich color reefs and a diversity of species, gorgeous and legendary Mayan ruins, as well as the most complete and advanced infrastructure within the tourism sector.

Cancun is considered one of the most amazing destinations in Mexico, the etymology of its name comes from the Mayan Culture, which means: “Snakes’ Place”, due to the fact that these reptile species were spread all over the incredible narrow coast line territory, now considered a tourism Mecca.

The Cancun Hotels’ infrastructure it is just amazing, over 28,000 Hotel rooms strand behind the Caribbean harbor, located within 25 kilometers of beaches that form the Hotel zone and downtown, it is connected by the “Kukulkan” avenue, which name means “Feathered Snake”. The jungle, rainforest, sea, flora and fauna show you why the late Mayan culture chose this piece of land very rich on nature.

The main historical-cultural-architecture attraction in Cancun is the Mayan Ruins, which there are quite a few in the region such as “Tulum”, “San Gervarsio” and “Coba” valuable vestige of the Mayan civilization greatness.

The second biggest reef in the World belongs to this privileged territory which has something to boast of in every single nook throughout its geographic territory. Cancun counts with a huge variety of Restaurants, here you can taste the plainest dish to the most refined or exotic gourmet specialty, and even a wide culinary variety from all around the globe. Its bays, Nightlife and breathtaking beaches give Cancun a top hospitality level.